Trust no one

We live in a crazy world, we all know this. What really send me off is fact that today you can trust no one, you have to think twice every time you take an action in the digital world.Is this real ? Is this phishing ? Is someone trying to scam me ? Can I …

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Conflicting anti-virus.

Don’t do this. A customer complained because her laptop was very slow. Beside the fact that it is old and under-powered, I found installed:. McAfee Security Scan Plus. McAfee Web Advisor. Avast. Hotspot Shield. Pc Protect. Pc Accelerate. Pc Keeper. Driver Updater. Most of these software are completely useless, when not dangerous, and if you …

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SIM hijacking, the new frightening frontier of cyber crime.

SIM hijacking, or SIM swapping, is essentially the process of hackers activating your phone number onto a SIM card of their possession. The process helps them take over your phone number, so next time someone tries to access one of your online account, the cybercriminals are the ones receiving the verification passcode instead of you. …

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