Sex scam ranswomware. Do not fall for this.

DO NOT PANIC if you received an email like this. YES, it contains your name and your real password, password  that you used in the past and hopefully you already changed.  How is that possible ?
In the past an absolutely legit web site containing this exact email address and password was hacked. In my case I suspect Adobe or Barnes & Noble, nothing related to porn site.
These information are now available on the black market and someone is trying to blackmail me, and maybe is doing the same with you.
Do not fall for this. This is a scam.
What is important is that you:
1 Immediately change your password everywhere, if you are still using that one.
2 Do not use the same user and password for multiple sites.
Also do not store your password list in a folder on your computer called password list, do not use your spouse name, or favorite sport team or 123456 as a password.
2A Solve can help you, and advise, unless you really…

Update: in the most recent version the scammer is also threatening to infect me with the Coronavirus… no comment.