Windows 11, should I upgrade ?


My computer is telling me that I can upgrade to windows 11, should I do it?

This is the question I’m often asked, here following are some thoughts.

I prefer the Windows 10 user interface, maybe because I’m used to it, but I consider it more friendly and easy to navigate.
That said, Microsoft will end support for Windows 10 Pro and Home version on October 14th, 2025, therefore your existing system has 3 and a half more years to go, at the time of this writing.
End of support means that Microsoft will stop providing updates. This is a security risk, but your computer will continue to work beyond this date. (Some computers in the world are still running Windows XP, just so that you know)

If you are a home user, don’t have any particular, unusual software installed and don’t have a very old printer or scanner or other peripheral connected, and you feel motivated, I say go for it.

If it is a business computer, either at home or office, my suggestion is to ask around and be sure that all the applications that you need to use, including cloud-based services, have been tested and work well with the new version.
Same for all devices connected, directly or networked, to the computer.
After this, if you are eager to switch to the new version, then do it.

As an I.T. professional, I really don’t feel the urge to upgrade any existing computer to Windows 11.