One example of the many e-mail phishing risks

I could write for hours about the many techniques used for phishing scams.

In this particular case I want to point out the fact that, in addition of being a fake request, the entire body of the message is a single picture, not a text with the logo.

The risk here is that by accidentally clicking on any part of the message, you will be directed to the malicious web site.
You can tell this by noticing that the pointer does not have the traditional shape of an arrow but that of a finger pointing, which means you are in a clickable area.
At the bottom of the screen is the link that the browser will try to open.
Last, it might be difficult to to see in this picture, but the characters in the body of the message are not sharp and defined as they are supposed to be when it’s a text content, but slightly off focus exactly because this is an image, not a text.

Unfortunately, always be alert when opening emails.