Solutions for network design and setup, troubleshooting and support. Range extender, remote access and security.

Today everything is connected; without the network, a computer cannot search for information, nor share data, or communicate with the rest of the world.

How we can help

  • Wired or wireless network setup
    Because a network is not just a piece of wire or some waves in the air. We can help selecting the right media and the most efficient network devices.
  • Network troubleshooting and support
    The wrong cable, walls or mirrors, incorrect routing, mix and not match, overload, can induce congestion and delay.
  • Securing the network
    Protect the network from undesired intruders and define rules for accessing the external world.
  • Extend network coverage
    There are different ways to provide connectivity to the remote corner office, the room upstairs or even the shed across the yard.
  • Remote access
    Safely access data or computers from remote. The office computer from home, or from the other side of the world.