Solutions for firewall and UTM, sale, configuration and support.
Antivirus, antimalware software and removal tools.
Training to avoid phishing scam and malware infections.
Secure encypted email compliant with HIPAA, SOX, GLB, PCI.

We live in a crazy world, where hackers constantly try to steal our information and jeopardize businesses and lives.

How we can help

  • Secure the perimeter
    Firewall or UTM (Universal Threat Management) is the bodyguard that watch the door of your network and prevent unathorized access from the outside as well as limiting, if necessary, an improper use of the business devices.
    Sale, installation, customization and monitoring of firewall units.
  • Use caution
    The human being is often the weakest element of the security chain. Responding to phishing email or text messages, clicking on the wrong link can have catastrophic consequences.
    2A Solve can train you and your employee to be aware and prepared to face the most unusual and unexpected situations.
  • Keep the premise clear
    Antivirus, antimalware, endpoint protection are the most efficient way to protect computers and smartphone.
    We offer sale, support and remote management of leading products in this area.
  • Have a backup plan
    Always keep an updated backup copy of at least the most important data, both on and off site.
    We provide backup hardware and software that work quietly and efficiently in background, with constant monitoring.