Trust no one

We live in a crazy world, we all know this.

What really send me off is fact that today you can trust no one, you have to think twice every time you take an action in the digital world.
Is this real ? Is this phishing ? Is someone trying to scam me ? Can I trust this source ?
I might sound a little paranoid but, in part it is because of my job but it is also because is so much true.
Read what happened a couple of days ago with the Twitter account of Rudy Giuliani.

In a tweet on Feb. 16th Giuliani meant to write:
but he added by mistake a space between Rudy an Giuliani resulting in the website
As soon as the first scoundrel noticed the typo the name was registered and a web site built.

The fake website, redirects about six times, all through websites that collect tracking data on visitors, until it lands on an unsecured website looking to install adware.

The lesson to learn here is that security tool will greatly help you to prevent risks and damages to your devices, but common sense and questioning your actions are, unfortunately, always required.