Windows 7 end of life.

What now ?
You heard it and you have seen it: Windows 7 has reached the end of life.
What does this mean and what is in there for you ?
Windows 7 will continue to work as it did until January 14th, but will not receive any support. If tomorrow someone discover a bug in the operating system, it will not be patched and secured.
Depending on how serious this bug is, it could just degrade performances when some application update is performed or new application installed, but it could also open the hell’s gates.
Meaning your system might be hijacked, financial records stolen, every userid and password logged, your file encrypted, also it might become the portal to infect other devices in your network.
Now the question is how and what do you use your computer for ?
If this is your only computer, no other computers or smartphones connected to the same network, you don’t do any financial activity, just use a word processor to write your recipes, play a little solitaire, edit photos and videos, read the news, as long as you have a backup copy of your files you could take it easy and not worry so much.
But if you do not fall into this category it might be a good idea to consider upgrading to Windows 10 or buying a new computer.
Most of the time, an upgrade can be performed and your computer will live a new life.
2A Solve can help you making your decision.