internet speed

How fast internet connection has to be?The answer is, it depends.And in order to determine the ideal speed for your connection we have some math to do. A 4K video stream requires a minimum of 15 Mb/s, better if 25 Mb/s are available. 5 Mb/s is the suggested speed for a 1080p video streaming. As […]

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Fileless Malware

Have you ever heard about fileless malware ? It’s a, relatively, new way of attacking your computer. Traditional malware and virus are detected by security software because they create a file on computer. The virus has a footprint, a signature, it’s a sequence of characters that anti-malware tools scan and search for on your computer.

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Trust no one

We live in a crazy world, we all know this. What really send me off is fact that today you can trust no one, you have to think twice every time you take an action in the digital world.Is this real ? Is this phishing ? Is someone trying to scam me ? Can I

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