The Zoom security hysteria

And here I’m again, writing about videoconference, Zoom in particular.
I’m beginning to think that Zoom stepped on someone toe and there is a campaign in act now to try to take it down for obvious reasons.
I do not have any Zoom stock or any other personal interest in this business, simply I get mad when I see something wrong happening, this includes people who have zero knowledge copying and pasting stupid and uneducated articles.
Yes, Zoom is not perfect, yes Zoom is a for profit company, yes Zoom has made some mistake BUT…

1) it has seen the traffic growing exponentially worldwide just in the last few weeks and is trying to adjust to this.

2) has given away for free its code to schools in order to help with distant learning.

3) has been listening to the complains and acted consequently.

With the latest update the admission to a meeting is now, by default, and I underline by default, through the waiting room.
This feature was already available, but most probably nobody thoughts that it was worth wasting the time to verify some of the security settings, before starting a meeting.
If you are the host you have to “admit” every person who is joining the meeting. If you don’t do your job and let everyone in without checking, then do not complain if someone “zoombomb” your meeting.

With the latest update they also fixed a security issue, which was real and brought to their attention.

By default a password is now added to allow access to any meeting (again it was already available).

Another one of the security issue is related to Windows; Microsoft has been aware of this for a very long time but never fixed it. Every single other conference app will suffer from the same risk.
Should you stop using Windows because of its security problem ? Well, we all should have done this a very long time ago, the number is countless.

So please, stop whining and spreading fake news, use Zoom and, as always, before taking any action, verify that your brain is engaged.
Stay at home, be safe.