Passwords, password managers and security

I hope that you already heard about this, but just in case…
Do not use 123456, 2580, password, qwerty, abc123, your birth date and other easy to guess strings of characters as a password for your computer or smartphone.
Do not reuse the same password on multiple web sites, hacked once you will be hacked everywhere.
Do not store your passwords in a file called password.doc or.xls or txt on your computer desktop (nor anywhere else).
Use different passwords for different services and be creative. Use a mix of letters, numbers and special characters, lower and capital cases.
At least you might want to create a sort of master password and add something special to differentiate between the different services. i.e. use masterpassword and add the colors of the service: bluemasterpasswordwhite for Facebook, blackmasterpasswordred for Netflix and so on.
Avoid saving passwords in the browser.
It requires a minimum effort to reveal all of them in case you lose your computer or it is stolen.
Last and most probably best option, use a password manager.
But not just any password manager.
Many are available today. Choose one carefully.
We will talk about this next time….