Personal Computer.

The heart of your system. It can be your best ally or your worst enemy.
2A Solve will help you to love your computer again and forever.

How we can help.

Like your car, a personal computer must turn on at first try and take you safely, comfortably and worries free to yor destination.

System installation,

Setup and customization of new computer, upgrade or reinstall existing ones.

System troubleshooting,

System errors, computer lagging, software malfunctioning, over 35 years of experience and the right tools can find a reason.

Windows PC Virus and Spyware protection and removal,

The best tools to protect your computer or heal an infected one

Software installation & training,

Help to install new software and basic how-to-use support

PC Peripheral setup and troubleshooting,

Troubleshoot problematic printer, scanner or add new ones.

Security, Safe-Surfing advice and training.

Data indicates that human error are responsible for more than 85% of security breaches and incidents. We can help with the right software and training

Computer or hard drive failure data recovery

Most of the time when a computer fails and need to be replaced all the data are still available on the hard drive. 2A Solve can help transferring to a new computer. If the hard drive is compromised, chances are that part of the data can still be recovered.

Buy new hardware

Don't buy from a shelf, instead have the computer that fit your needs in terms of CPU power, data space, memory. We can customize your desktop with parts carefully picked and guaranteed from nationwide distributors.

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